ATTENTION! Are you ready to be the hero of your own story?

Are you ready to flip the script, turn the wheels of destiny in your favor, and transform your life’s tragedies into your greatest triumphs?

What if I told you, the career, finances, love, health, and happiness you desire are all at the door. Would you sign up and grab the keys?

Learn how to be a magnet for your biggest blessings and live your dream life, your way, NOW.

It’s time to script a life that resonates with your deepest desires!

In this transformative, step-by-step, 4-week program, ‘Your Life, Your Script,’ I will empower you with the scientific, spiritual, and common sense tools to harness the life-changing power of scripting to generate your life’s greatest healing and success.

Join my upcoming workshop Your Life, Your Script on Thursday, March 28th at Noon PST.

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March 28, 2023 | 12pm PT
60 Minutes
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Your Life, Your Script
Have you heard the myth?

Have you heard the myth?

All your family and friends will tell you to be realistic and be happy with what you have.

People tell you “to settle,” and pop culture makes it seem like the shiny dreams are only meant for the young! 

But let me ask you this:

Would you like to give yourself a second chance at building the life you’ve always dreamed of?

What if this was the course where I not only grant you permission to dream bigger, but also help you start seeing the fruits of your newfound, electric belief in yourself?

If you’re feeling the goosebumps, then get ready! This 4 week program is filled with unraveling your past, connecting the dots, opening the curtains on your future, and installing new belief systems that will brighten your aura and draw in your deepest desires.

Deepika Sandhu

I have taken all the woo-woo and meshed it with science by teaming up with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Publisher Devangini Chauhan to create a one-of-a-kind program that is going to kick-start your life’s biggest transformations.


Who am I and how did I get here?


Become aware of who you are now by examining beliefs and patterns deeply embedded within yourself. Learn the steps to flip the script on these beliefs.

Teaching Topic #1

Session 1

Understand the patterns, programs, beliefs in both your conscious and subconscious mind and how they have created the person you are today? The more you understand all that has created who you are now, the more power you have to change those patterns, programs and beliefs into what will support the version of you that you wish to become.

Teaching Topic #2

Session 2

How to identify the patterns and beliefs that you hold today through thought sequencing. This includes a live association and disassociation exercise that allows you to explore how to choose and embrace powerful, affirming and expansive words to describe your life as it is and as we want it to be. Learn to frame and reframe life’s situations to support your own healing and growth.


Who do I want to become? What is stopping me from being that person now?


Learn to reprogram your beliefs to align to the vision of who you wish to become.

But before you see what you want to become you need to understand what needs within you are not being met. 

Teaching Topic #3

Session 3

To understand and step into the person you wish to become requires two things:

  1. understanding what needs within you are not being met and
  2. giving yourself full permission to dream and dream big.

In this session, you will learn to see a new version of you by exploring yourself fully without inhibition. This is your time to be lost in the clouds and dream big. If you could dream and create anything, what would it be? What would your life include? How would you feel in that life? Through visualization techniques, you will dream big. You will step into seeing the grandest vision for YOU and give yourself permission to step into that version of you.

Teaching Topic #4

Session 4

Seeing our dreams and reconciling to our reality can either feel inspiring or disheartening, even difficult. In this session, you will explore the deep internal beliefs that keep you playing small. You will learn the steps to scale your thoughts in the direction of your desires by quieting down your inner critic and activating your inner champion so you can create your dreams into your realities.


How do I become that future version of myself?


Step into who you want to be – new beliefs, new programs – and allow yourself to believe in a different version of YOU.

Teaching Topic #5

Session 5

In this session you will learn to articulate and script your journey from challenge to conflict to calm by embracing the new beliefs that create the new version you wish to become. This session begins by stepping into your life from the lens of the person you want to be and learning to be that person now.

Teaching Topic #6

Session 6

To flip the script and step into the energy, vibration and essence of the person you want to become, you will be led through an aura exercise. Through this exercise you will step into your new energy and use this new energy to continue to create your life your way.


Giving myself permission to be me NOW


Learn to fully believe and create into existence the version of yourself that you see for you by writing it into existence.

Teaching Topic #7

Session 7

In this session, you will learn to heal from your past traumas and tragedies and redefine what you are calling into your future through scripting. You will create both a healing and manifestation letter to heal your past and guide your future.

Teaching Topic #8

Session 8

Learn to fully believe and create into existence the version of yourself that you see for you. Not just once but to continuously step into that version each and every day to create the lasting change that you seek.

Not Sold Yet?

Let me pull back the curtain and show you how I was able to attract success in every corner of my life after previously being in an unsatisfying relationship and having to schedule a a breakdown to escape my burnout (Yes, really! Wrote a whole book about it).

In the span of just a couple years I have:

  • Become a three-time award-winning author and global best-seller
  • Spoken on global stages and ignited over 20,000 soul sparks 
  • Hosted a global talk show,  ‘Breakthrough to You’ on KIW World.
  • Built an audience of thousands of raving, soul-enriching connections on social media.

All while being a highly present parent and creating unique and ordinary experiences with my daughter every day.

And I am just getting started!

All of this was possible through the power of scripting, elevating my own belief system, and the secrets I’m revealing in Your Life, Your Script, The 4 Week Accelerator For Those Who Want To Live a Life by Design, Not Default

The End Result?

  • Become a magnet for your life’s deepest desires where people and opportunities find you rather than you always chasing them
  • Your aura elevates and becomes so much brighter that everyone around you can’t help but wondering why you’re so magnetic
  • You achieve mind boggling success in every corner of your life and become the star of your life’s red carpet rather than a background character
  • You become unstoppable with a suite of tangible, neuroscience tools, subconscious methods and techniques to help you foster your new reality

Check out some of the wins from my students:

Working with Deepika was energizing, inspiring, and empowered me with many soul sparking moments. She has an ease and confidence about her that allows her to provide a balance of tactical tools & spiritually enlightening practices that bring out your best self. I see her as a mentor, partner, cheerleader, and friend.


Miami, FL

Deepika’s guidance has transcended my spiritual abilities to manifest and create a life of connection, curiosity, and intentionality. I’m more intentional with my time and thoughts and have created a life I truly love.


Dallas, TX

Here’s just a few a-ha moments you’ll experience inside of ‘Your Life, Your Script’:

  • You’ll realize it was your inner saboteur that says you’re not enough for your dreams!
  • You’ll understand how the RAS (Reticular Activating System) works so that you can use the search engine of your unconscious mind to seek positive and reaffirming elements
  • You’ll create a balance of visual, auditory and kinesthetic submodalities to make your dreams feel more real and tangible with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Your Investment?

You have two choices on how you want to proceed…

Your Life, Your Script

Group Program
$ 1,111
  • 4 Weeks
  • 8 Live Teachings
  • 2 BONUS 1:1 Sessions with Deepika

Your Life, Your Script

Solo Program
$ 2,222
  • 4 Weeks
  • 8 Live Teachings
  • 2 BONUS 1:1 Sessions with Deepika

That’s the equivalent of…

  • One vacation plane ticket where the trip is over and done with before the jet lag wears off.
  • $37 a day in tolls you’d spend driving to NYC from the suburbs for a month.
  • One takeout meal per day for three weeks.

So what’s your excuse? 

Give yourself the gift of finally healing and learning the tools to create your dream life in just 30 days.

Imagine how different life would look if:

  • You finally realized your life had many more possibilities than you imagined!
  • How close you were to manifesting real change in your happiness and fulfillment
  • You could be the one inspiration to show everyone else that dreams are possible at any age, despite your life circumstances or background.
  • You could help not only yourself but everyone around you feel happier! Create a ripple effect of positivity and change.
‘Your Life, Your Script’, The 30 Day, 4 Week Accelerator Starts Soon!

Meet Your

Deepika Sandhu

Deepika Sandhu

Life Expansion Mentor

Deepika Sandhu is a Silicon Valley Business Executive, Life Expansion Mentor, Bestselling and Award Winning Author of Hello Universe, It’s Me. Deepika is a transformation expert for thousands of overwhelmed executives and entrepreneurs worldwide who are seeking greater calm, confidence, and clarity in their lives. Learn more about Deepika.

Devangini Mahapatra Chauhan

Book Coach and NLP Practitioner

Her forte lies in turning thought leaders into authors. An award-winning content strategist and publisher who was conferred a citation as one of the top 100 content marketing specialists by the World Content Marketing Congress. She was also recognized as one of the top 25 digital icons of India by India Today. Devangini has also appeared as a panelist in several prestigious literary festivals. Details of her work can be found at Studio and All.

Devangini Mahapatra Chauhan​