Deepika Sandhu - expand what's possible
Deepika Sandhu - expand what's possible

I scheduled a breakdown, manifested a new life, and you can too.

Let me show you how to build a rich, fulfilling, and absolutely awesome-on-all-fronts life — one that’s free of anxiety, burnout, and spiraling self-doubt.

A life that lights your soul on fire!

No guru, shaman, or travel to exotic lands required!

Breakthroughs Inspired

Hi! I’m Deepika, your life expansion mentor

I work with burned-out, exhausted-to-the-bone executives and entrepreneurs who want MORE from life without adding more to their plates.

I scheduled a breakdown at the age of 40 because I decided I wasn’t gonna wake up at 50 feeling like something the cat threw up!

From crying on the floor of my closet to traipsing solo in Paris to speaking at the New York Stock Exchange to writing a best-selling book AND signing on a TV show … I’ve done it all. And I’m only just getting started!

I can’t wait to show you how you, too, can add more calm, confidence, and clarity to your life and manifest what you desire and deserve!

Without collecting crystals, writing affirmations x10000, or traveling to exotic lands a la Elizabeth Gilbert in Eat Pray Love!

Deepika Sandhu, Your Life Expansion Mentor
Deepika at the New York Stock Exchange
Deepika Sandhu named a Silicon Valley Woman of Influence
Deepika Sandhu, Public Speaker
Deepika Sandhu

Your ideal life is calling.
Are you listening?

The chaos of the morning commute, the clamor of tasks and to-dos crowding your desk, the endless exhaustion that comes from pursuing goals that mean nothing to you … how can you tune in and listen to what you REALLY want?

Joy, fulfillment, confidence, and clarity 3 are all a click away.

That incredible new job, a fantastic partner, a passionate relationship, more white space in your calendar, and more money in your bank — all that is waiting for you.

The only thing you need to do is step up to claim it.

Here’s How You Can Manifest Your Ideal Life With Moi

Read Deepika's Award Wining Debut Book

Nautilus Winner - Hello Universe, It's Me

I was living the life most women dream of — nice house, fancy car, handsome husband, luxury vacations, cute kiddo.

Except that was the “highlight reel.”

The reality?

I was crumbling inside and morbidly unhappy.

Hello Universe, It’s Me is part memoir, part toolbox.

It gives you the tools you need to create the life you want — rich, fulfilling, confident, and as happy as Disneyland (without the crowds!).

I scheduled a breakdown. You don’t have to.

[I]t was a gut feeling. I knew Deepika needed to be my coach.
I knew she’s going to help me go places I need to go…


Professional Chef

Deepika Sandhu's Breakthrough to YOU Masterclass

10-Part Masterclass Series Streaming Now on KIW World!

Watch now

Tune into the Breakthrough to You Masterclass Series for Practical, Tangible Strategies To Live Your BEST Life, Confusion-Free!

Give your life the ultimate makeover with Breakthrough to You — a life-tested system for rewiring your mindset and rebooting your confidence.

It’s time to let go of anxiety-filled days, overwhelmed weeks, and a life that feels too hard and too much All. The. Time.

Master the tactical skills and strategies you need so you can slow down and speed up without burnout riding on one shoulder and imposter syndrome on the other!

Step into your most confident, capable, and calm-as-a-meditative- monk self with the same ease as I step into my Louboutins!

Already watching? Click here to get your copy of Hello Universe, It’s Me!

Working with Deepika was energizing, inspiring, and empowered me with many soul sparking moments. She has an ease and confidence about her that allows her to provide a balance of tactical tools & spiritually enlightening practices that bring out your best self. I see her as a mentor, partner, cheerleader, and friend



Live the Life You’re Meant to Live
Expand What’s Possible
Collapse Time and Create a New Reality with
Manifest YOU

Enroll Now in Deepika's Signature Course

You’ve seen it all, heard it all, and read it all. 

And you still feel stuck, stressed, and seriously underwhelmed with how your life’s shaping up. 

Don’t get me wrong! 

Odds are you have everything society tells you is a “mark of success” — the great job, the gorgeous home, the designer bags, and fancy vacays. Your Instagram feed gives off serious influencer vibes. Friends want your life


You want something else! 

More joy. More fulfillment. More peace of mind. 

You’d like to jump out of bed excited to seize the day instead of slamming the snooze button on repeat mode!

You’d like to spend your days chasing rainbows instead of revenue goals. 

You’d like your bank balance to make you smile instead of sigh. 

Manifest YOU is where you learn how to do ALL this and create a life that loves you back! 

You FINALLY have the keys to not only overcoming what stands in your way but also building what truly matters to YOU — a life where you spend time with loved ones, travel the world, have hobbies, enjoy your work, and have the skills you need to melt away mental blocks and meet life’s curveballs with confidence.

Big shout out to Deepika for being on our stage and hosting a workshop for our members. She was able to inspire our users and members to go after their dreams and reduce their own self doubts that come from charting their own path.


Founder, Fairly Even

Book Deepika to Speak at Your Next Event

Hosting an event? Planning a retreat?

Deepika Sandhu - Available for Speaking Engagements

Need an expert to help your team learn confidence-building, burnout-busting skills to create breakthroughs so they can live the life they’re meant to live?

Whatever the stage, you can be sure I’ll bring my best work and brightest smile!

I’ve spoken on over 30+ stages worldwide and hosted corporate workshops (for some of the best names pretty sure you’ll spot some of your competition there!) that busy professionals absolutely LOVE — because they’re free of fluff and filled with real-world stories and do-this-next strategies.

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