Hello Universe, It's Me

I was living the life most women dream of — nice house, fancy car, handsome husband, luxury vacations, cute kiddo.

Except that was the “highlight reel.”

The reality?

I was crumbling inside.

So, I scheduled a breakdown.

Hello Universe, It’s Me is not just my wakeup call. It’s yours too. I take you on my journey but as I do I provide you with the tools you need to see that your story matters, the way you navigate your life matters and finding who you are meant to be and what you are meant to offer this world matters too.

Hello Unvierse, It’s Me is garnering international literary acclaim with the 2023 Silver Prize from the Nautilus Book Awards and the 2023 Gold Prize from the Global Book Awards. 

Women Thrive

A compilation of inspiring true stories of women overcoming diversity.

Abuse. Addiction. Divorce. Trauma. Tragedy. Exploitation. Injustice. The true stories in this book bravely shared by women from different backgrounds, living in different worlds, prove that not only is it possible to thrive despite adversity. It is often these adversities that enable us to rise to our power in ways you never believed possible.

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When Soha Comes to Town

Nothing makes Soha happier than hopping in her car with her Momma and diving from San Francisco to Los Angeles to visit her cousins. Her cousins are excited too. They know all the fun and mischief they will make when Soha is around.

When Soha Comes to Town is a celebration of the love that exists with family from the earliest of ages especially when that family is far away.